The protection of intellectual property actually represents the protection of copyright, patents, brands, industrial design and trade secrets.

These rights are most often violated by making fake copies of the author’s work, putting a fake stamp on goods, forging the packaging design and making fake labels. How can you protect yourself? How can you fight for your rights? Piracy and the distribution of such counterfeit products cause significant damage to the owners. The goal of PROTECTA is to provide full assistance in detecting perpetrators, finding facilities in which such goods are produced or stored, or detecting printing houses of false packaging or labels.





PROTECTA is the solution you need when your intellectual property is endangered. Our team of licensed detectives with many years of experience can focus on problem-solving by analysing all the aspects necessary to detect the perpetrators, find facilities in which goods are illegally produced or stored, or detecting fake packaging or labels. The entire chain of action will be presented to you so that you can take action to resolve the