Prof. Dr. Dragan Trivan is the first Serbian licenced detective and a prominent expert in the field of corporate and private security in the country and the region. In parallel with his practical work in the security sector, Dragan Trivan is also a full professor, teaching the scientific field of security. He was elected to teaching and scientific titles at universities in several countries and is the author of several monographs, textbooks and manuals in the field of security, of which we especially emphasise the first textbook on detective work in the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Law on Detective Activity.

Detektivska Delatnost
Dragan Trivan
pravo i bezbednost, mek povez latinica
263 strana 17×24 cm
„Dosije“ 2014.

Korporativna Bezbednost
Dragan Trivan
biznis i ekonomija, tvrd povez latinica
245 strana 17×24 cm
„Dosije“ 2012.

Privatno obezbedjenje
D. Trivan & S. Krstić
osnovi fizičko-tehničke zaštite
200 strana 16X24 cm
„Glosarijum“ 2013.

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