Has your child or any family member started behaving extremely strangely? Drastically changing previous habits? Dress style that you cannot recognize, weird jewellery and new tattoos? Do you find obscure and unusual items around the house? Do you suspect that a family member has joined a cult or become a follower of a sect? No, it’s not a time for panic. You need to remain calm and react decisively.



With our experts, you are not alone in this problem. You will quickly find out whether your loved one has really become a member of a sect or cult and if it turns out that he or she has, we will know which sect it is, what their basic philosophy is, how they recruit new members and what behaviours they lead their members to. In addition to this, we offer professional psychological help and support so that a victim close to you can get out of this vicious circle. Save your nerves and yourself throughout the story and allow professionals to shed light on this topic and help you get your loved ones back on track before it’s too late.