Companies are increasingly facing challenges from the environment and the company itself, which have a crucial impact on business success, but also on the company image and the atmosphere among the employees.  Therefore, it is important to apply new methods and to hire people with experience who can fend off and prevent business crises or mitigate the consequences of crisis events. Can the crisis be managed?







PROTECTA provides the service of the development and implementation of a comprehensive programme of crisis management and business continuity management. In this way, we help the company react quickly and efficiently when faced with events that have the potential to interrupt or disable successful business, while preventing and mitigating the loss of revenue and business reputation.

Our team of experts have many years of experience and different specializations and can properly view the situation, define scenarios and manage the process by creating a plan that will provide the basis for a proper response to crisis situations. We will apply our knowledge in cases of crisis management, because we can point out to the employer all the aspects that need to be addressed and define ways to overcome and resolve the crisis. PROTECTA has gained the trust of its clients precisely through the results we have shown in crisis management and the preparation of companies for responding to future potential business risks.