Kako protecta posluje i štiti interese svojih klijenataPROTECTA Agency bases its business on high moral and ethical principles that guide us in our work and service to clients.

CODE OF DETECTIVE ETHICS is an official document of the General Association of Detectives of Serbia, which was adopted in order to progress and develop detective work as a profession of great importance not only in the new security framework in Serbia, but also in the broader sense of security in general, both locally and internationally.

The Code of Conduct for members of the detective profession contains the basic standards of professionalism and quality of services provided by all legal entities and entrepreneurs for detective work (hereinafter: detective agencies), and employed detectives.

The Code is based on the best European and international practice in the field of detective work and is recommended to every provider and user of detective services. The Code is defined in accordance with the Law on Detective Activity of the Republic of Serbia as well as regulations that supplement and specify this law. In this sense, the Code is applied only in compliance with national legislation, commitments and professional abilities. You can download the full text of the Code HERE.