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PROTECTA detectives are professionals with many years of experience. All the private detectives have undergone specialist internal training in the areas of private investigations aimed at individuals and families, as well as corporate and private security, so they are qualified to provide the highest level of professional detective services, respecting high ethical and moral principles. Check out why we have been a leader in the region for over 20 years!




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Every story is different, but ours always answers questions and reveals the truth. The challenges we faced in our careers, as well as the ways we won and achieved results, speak to the diversity of life situations. Pročitajte ko smo mi i zašto je detektivska agencija Protecta referenca kvaliteta, bezbednosti i poverenja. USKORO NA BLOGU!


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Through good cooperation with the police and the prosecution, our professional team uses the help of experts in judicial and legal affairs, medicine, psychology, investigations and IT technologies.

Corporate security as well as special detective services for companies , are the tasks of our specialized team for corporate security which covers: internal investigations, checking employees or job candidates, detecting insurance / sick leave, checking the creditworthiness of partners…

Opšte udruženje detektiva Srbije

Detektivska agencija PROTECTA je osnivač i aktivan član OUDS (Opšte Udruženje Detektiva Srbije)

Numerous satisfied clients, ranging from citizens and families all the way to various business entities in Serbia and the region, are our most important reference for all the years of operation of PROTECTA detective agency.

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